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Club Championship


Total Records: 7
Wetherill Park Cricket Club2.91
Mt Pritchard Community Club2.54
Prestons Hornets Cricket Club2.48
Fairfield RSL Cricket Club2.33
Moorebank Cricket Club Ltd2.29
Green Valley Cricket Club1.90
Sporting Rovers Cricket Club1.46
Total Records: 7
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Points earnt in for each team in a club (as per the current ladders) are multiplied by the weighting factors below.
This figure is then divided by the number of matches played by each team. The points are then added across each team in a club, then divided by the total number of teams in the club to give the total for that club.

UNDER 8/91.00
UNDER 6/71.00
UNDER 13/141.00
Under 11s Div 1 T201.00
Under 101.00
Under 111.00
Under 121.00
Under 131.00
Under 141.00
Under 15/161.00
Under 151.00
Under 161.00
Under 10 Twenty/201.00
Under 11 Div 2 Twenty/201.00
Under 12 Twenty/201.00
Under 12/13 Twenty/201.00
Under 14 Twenty/201.00
Under 15 Twenty/201.00
Under 16 Twenty/201.00